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Newly Designed Website

PSA: On January 1st we’re presenting our newly designed website, created and intimately pieced together by myself to incorporate each and everything that Jakiera’s Eye Photography is and represents. Will you be there?

WHAT: Anniversary Bash for

WHEN: Sunday January 1, 2017

WHERE: Online at

WHY: 1) A chance to become and stay more interactive with our supporters and devotees.

2) A chance to reconnect and present “get-to-knows” of the photographer plus new services, photo collections, and products.

3) A chance to offer promotions, giveaways and exclusives to those who attend!

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The New Year Jakiera’s Eye Photography plans to bring it in with you all by sharing New things. 1/1/17
*New creativity *New muses *New innovation *New reasons to love oneself!
I’m excited to share the NEW REVEALINGS presented here in this preview of our latest set on Fashion Photography! Muse – Tai ChurchillPhoto Oct 13, 6 55 31 PM.jpgPhoto Oct 13, 6 53 46 PM.jpgPhoto Oct 13, 7 13 14 PM.jpg


I’ve been shooting primarily ALL of my photo-shoots outdoors for an accumulation of 11+ years. Access to indoor space and equipment seems so minor but it’s been a wish for a long time coming and it has been granted! I’m so grateful and excited to create some indoor magic! 

An even greater thanks to my subject for being patient, willing and kind enough to be my first studio muse! With love, Kiera

Stay tuned and subscribe to get firsthand access to our greatest maternity shoot yet!

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Out to Dry

     Traveling to less privileged countries has offered many humbling experiences and it’s often upon the sight of clothes lines. An artistic heritage of the poorer culture; perfect blend of colors, the elements and necessities. In this blog I’ll share a collections of clothing lines captured during my trips to Oranjestad Aruba, Puerto Vallarta Mexico, and Omaha Nebraska.